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Gobbill launches its Partner Program for Bookkeepers & Accountants

April 26th, 2019 Posted by Gobbill News, Product Features 0 thoughts on “Gobbill launches its Partner Program for Bookkeepers & Accountants”
Melbourne, Australia 4th April 2019 –  We at Gobbill are excited to launch a Partner Program for Bookkeepers & Accountants to help automate invoice data entry, protect against fraud/malware, auto-pay invoices using card and bank accounts.
Gobbill helps partners to:
  • Streamline payment approval workflows
  • No more aba files, manual BPAY & credit/debit card payments
  • Reduce Internet banking logins and passwords
It’s a great solution for cyber-security and data privacy conscious bookkeepers that value information remaining in Australia.

We are an Australian owned and operated company based in the Victorian Government Innovation Hub. We are a proud partner of the AAT (Australia), ACCC – cyber safety initiative and are sponsored by Microsoft.

Bookkeeping & Accounting Partners benefit from:

  • Complimentary Business account to make your life easier,
  • Access to wholesale pricing for your customers,
  • Dedicated account manager,
  • Priority Australian based support, and
  • Influence Gobbill’s product roadmap.
Australian Taxation Office says “Gobbill’s email bill innovation is the first holistic product that provides end-to-end processing using a digital service platform that includes the detection of fraudulent bills…”

Find out more gobbill.com/partner

New plans and prices

November 5th, 2018 Posted by Gobbill News, Product Features 0 thoughts on “New plans and prices”

We’re introducing

new plans and prices

You don’t have to do anything. 

We’ll take care of things.

We’ve designed new plans and prices to support our growing customer needs. Our new plans and prices will be effective as of 1 December 2018 to support households and businesses of different sizes.

We still have a Basic plan which is still free to join and pay-as-you-go. For those with more bills, we will be introducing a new Premium plan for $10 per month. Just flick & forget! Take photos of your paper bills and flick-em into Gobbill for auto payment. It’s great for busy households, sole traders and micro-businesses.

Three new Business plans are also being introduced to suit different business sizes. These plans range from Small, Medium to Large. See all our new plans and prices>>

The transition:

For personal users, you’ll be transitioned to the Basic free plan or we will contact you if you have different needs.
For business users, the plan will remain $25 per month with card and bank payment fees disappearing. This means you’ll be paying less. However, the quota of digitised documents each month will drop from 50 to 30 documents.
If you have any questions, drop us an email at gobbill@gobbill.com.au

New Gobbill Features

March 26th, 2018 Posted by Gobbill News, Product Features 0 thoughts on “New Gobbill Features”

What’s new?

Each month our team adds a range of new features to make Gobbill even better!

New features:

  • Updated dashboard – Gobbill has created a new dashboard, with all the information you need right at your fingertips. Sign in to take a look. You’ll see that the bill calendar and upcoming bills have been moved to the front, so you can find what you need easier than ever.

Other recent features:

  • Bill Calendar – You can now view your past and future bill payments via Gobbill’s interactive bill calendar. So you can keep on top of bills and view scheduled payments.
  • Late Payments – Late payments can be a hassle, but with Gobbill’s late payment feature now it’s easy. Simply select the ‘Late Payment’ option in preferences and you’ll be able to send bills up to 7 days late.
  • Toggle notifications in user preferences – Tailor Gobbill to work for you with new user preference options. Want to receive an email when your bill is paid? Select the communication emails you’d like to receive in preferences.
  • Suggestion Box – If you have a request for a feature you’d like Gobbill to create, simply lodge your request here. We would love to hear from you what would make using Gobbill even better.

New features coming in May:

  • Photo bill payments – Still receiving paper bills? You can now take a picture of your bill and forward to Gobbill for automatic payment. No fuss, more flexibility.
  • Payment by bank account – Gobbill is making your payments more flexible than ever, adding a payment by bank account feature to our payment options. Simply select the ‘bank account payment’ option in the dropdown and link your bank account to Gobbill.

Gobbill is featured in media across Australia

February 13th, 2018 Posted by Case Studies, Gobbill News, Internet Safety, Product Features, Startup, Staysmartonline 0 thoughts on “Gobbill is featured in media across Australia”

Co-founders Quentin Marsh and Shendon Ewans originally came up with the idea for Gobbill in a local pub. The initial concept was to help people pay bills on time.

However, when Shendon’s father fell victim to an email scam and lost his savings, Shendon and his brother Simon (a software engineer with Gobbill) took action. Email scams are rapidly increasing across Australia and around the world. Gobbill has now built in extra fraud protection and offers a solution for those looking to protect themselves from potential email scams.

Read the Sydney Morning Herald article.

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